The New Astrology - By Suzanne White
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A Unique Synthesis of the World's Two Great Astrological Systems:
The Chinese and Western

For those convinced that there is nothing new under the sun--or the stars--Suzanne White offers a startling and provocative thesis: There are not 12 but 144 signs of the zodiac, each distinct, each unique, each vital to everyone's quest for self-understanding.

Suzanne WhiteBy combining the astrological systems of the traditional Chinese (terrestrial) with that of the Occident (celestial), Suzanne White demonstrates that each of us is governed by two signs. Hence, a Capricorn Tiger is likely to be quite different from a Capricorn Cat, as is a Leo Dog from a Leo Dragon, and so on. This unique blend of Western and Chinese Astrology gives detailed analyses of each of the 144 signs, including individualized sections of love, sex and romance, business, money, careers, home life and compatibility (or lack of it) with other signs.

Already a best-seller in France, The New Astrology is a massive undertaking and the result of more than a decade of research and study of the two systems. It offers insights into not only our own lives, but also those of all who are close to us. Suzanne White's prose is lucid, candid, and suffused with a sense of fun, but The New Astrology is above all a serious tool for self-awareness and understand the rich variety of human nature all around us.


"The New Astrology is really good, clean, informative fun, and White's adept prose is lucid, candid and craclking with humor." --Times, El Paso, Texas

"...Ms. White [has] put together two ancient beliefs to further explain heavenly forces on earthly events." --The Buffalo News

"'s written with a light, humorous touch that should attract the browser as well as the serious devotee."--Booklist, Chicago, Illinois

"You will be surpirsed how often this new combination system hits the nail on the head and furnishes a much more accurate description of the personality you are investigating." --SCC Booknews


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The New Astrology

A life's work of the two astrological systems and a best seller with over 2 million copies sold! Find out detailed characteristics of ALL 144 unique signs!

Each sign's chapter begins with character traits and a detailed description, often citing personal examples from Suzanne White. These are followed by revelations under the headings of Love, Compatibilities, Home and Family, as well as Profession. Above all, "THE NEW ASTROLOGY" is a serious tool for self-awareness, and understanding the rich variety of human nature all around us.

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Order The Astrology of Love™ E-Book
(Full Text - 275 Pages)

The Astrology of Love

The definitive guide on astrological compatibility! Find out how your western sign matches up with all the other signs of the occidental zodiac. If that wasn't enough, you can also match your eastern sign with a detailed analysis on matches with all the oriental zodiac animal signs.

This book is what the "NA Factor" is based upon. Suzanne not only explains every possible combination of matches you can have, but also gives tips and insights on making it work! You'll want to keep this book handy not only for your own relationships but to provide better understanding of friends and loved ones. It is truly a must have guide to love!

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Order The New Chinese Astrology™ E-Book
(Full Text - 579 Pages)

The New Chinese Astrology

Chinese Astrology signs show our deepest character, good and bad. All of our qualities have faults to match. Generosity breeds wastefulness. Clever communicators can be blabbermouths. Protective parents may smother their kids. Your Chinese Animal sign tells all.

At 579 pages, this book gives exhaustive information on your Chinese sign as well as all of the other animal signs. Suzanne also delves deeply into the 5 Chinese elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth) which provide detailed information on how your element influences your characteristics. So in all it could be argued that there are actually 60 unique Chinese Zodiac signs! Find the REAL Chinese Astrology here!

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Order Chinese Astrology Plain and Simple™ E-Book
(Full Text - 400 Pages)

Chinese Astrology Plain and Simple

Here is a complete and easy-to-use guide to the Chinese Horoscope, written by world-famous astrologer and best-selling author Suzanne White.

An ancient zodiac system, Chinese Astrology is based on a cycle of twelve years, each governed by a particular animal. We are all born under the sign of one of these animals, and each of us has a unique destiny and character determined by that sign.

In addition to learning how to determine and analyze your own horoscope, Chinese Astrology Plain and Simple will provide you with startling insights into your friends, lovers and yourself as you gain a deeper understanding of the forces governing interactions between people.

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Order 2102 Year of the Dragon Horoscope™ E-Book

(Full Text - 350 Pages)

2012 Year of the Dragon Horoscope

This book is a must read. It contains all horoscopes for the entire year for all 24 Zodiac signs. This amazing volume offers lengthy, detailed, month-by-month horoscopes for every sign (Western and Chinese). We each have two signs. Suzanne White's THE NEW ASTROLOGY™ is the fusion of both. A Leo born in an Ox year will know what will happen to her in 2012 as well as what will be going on in the life of her Scorpio born Goat sweetheart and for her kids, her boss, her family, her friends and her enemies.
The 2012 NEW ASTROLOGY™ DRAGON YEAR HOROSCOPES book bodes next year's destinies for all 144 New Astrology™ signs.

It's a fact. Suzanne White, the high priestess of Chinese and Western astrologies, is always fun to read. And... she is uncannily accurate. This dazzling book offers readers 100,000 words of information about and forecasts for each and every astrological sign. Find out what's in store for you and yours in the rambunctious, revolutionary, providential and sentimental 2012 Dragon Year.

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